West Yorkshire police take part in high-speed car pursuit with 51-year-old Morris Minor

This very funny video reveals cops engaged in Bradford high-speed car pursuit - with a 51-year-old Morris Minimal.

The surprising video reveals the classic car swerving around traffic and directly preventing another automobile as the car owner tried to leave cops in the Fagley part of the city on Weekend.

The device commented: "It's not every day you have a desire with a 51-year-old thieved Morris Minimal. "Fagley place of Bradford. Can anybody let you know that it did not accident at this junction?"

In a later twitter update the product said the desire survived 'quite a while' after being thieved at 7:30am, but the car owner was gradually ceased and the automobile retrieved unharmed, it is not yet known what occurred to the car owner, but no busts have been made.