How's Doctor Who *actually* doing so far, ratings-wise?

Jodie Whittaker's first appearance as everyone's favorite Time Master a few weeks ago in Physician Who shown to be a large hit with old and new viewers as well.

Her starting salvo in the long-running BBC sci-fi display even beat-off successors such as Chris Capaldi and He Cruz and, obviously, drawn in a much larger women viewers.

Over the periods since, viewers have been coming back in their large numbers weekly to look at and compliment Whittaker and her TARDIS group of Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole but they journeyed to an unfamiliar world, met Rosa Recreational areas and experienced some unpleasant robots in the UK.

But some areas – and, indeed, some press sites – have been sniping, declaring that Physician Who is haemorrhaging lovers in the large numbers.

Recently, tabloids (who could not probably have any type of agenda) have said Physician Who is "exterminating" lovers due to the show's "PC plots".

Now, we won't cope with the five or six individuals on Tweets who don't like their favorite science-fiction display modifying the sex of control personality and dealing with racial discrimination and colonialism right now (they obviously have their own problems to handle with) but let's have a look at those "plunging" viewing numbers.

Now, it is a truth to say that sequence 11 has seen a fall.

Jodie's first appearance, "The Lady Who Dropped To Earth", drawn a combined complete of 10.53 thousand on tv (achieving an overall of 10.95m if you consist of laptop computers, mobile phones, etc...).

As a side-note, in an era of otherwise reducing viewing numbers, it became the most important release ever.

However, come ep five, the catchily-titled "The Tsuranga Conundrum", we discover there's now 7.76m viewing on tv (consolidated). As you can see, this signifies that just under 3 thousand viewers have ceased staying in touch to time frame with the activities of the Gallifreyan (for plenty of your time, at least).

But let's give this some perspective.