Arrow: 7 large concerns we have about the flashforwards

Everything does not are designed so for Oliver King on Pointer right now. Since he was locked up in the season-six ending, both his other criminals and the security officers as well have had it out for him, and now a scary doctor is forcing the former vigilante to splitting factor too.

However, if the flash-forwards are anything to go by, then the challenges that Group Pointer experience in today are nothing in comparison to what's in shop for them later later on.

Replacing the flashbacks that once classified previously periods of Pointer, these glimpses of the upcoming are allegedly here to remain, at least through out year seven, so be a part of us here at Electronic Spy as we try to resolve seven of the very best concerns that the display sends have brought up so far.
1. Is Bill Clayton the new Natural Arrow?
While Oliver is trapped fending off other men in the jail bathrooms – no, really – there's a new Natural Pointer in Celebrity Town and no one knows who he is. Various fan concepts are indicating that the man under the bonnet could be anyone from Roy Harper to David Diggle, but there's an increasing agreement on the internet that the new vigilante could in reality be Oliver's son from the upcoming.

Although mature Bill has previously described that his dad never trained him archery while being raised, he is now owning the Natural Arrow's bow, indicating that he could practice together with companies upcoming Roy later later on.

This was also foreshadowed during 12 months seven show 'Level Two', where it was exposed that Oliver's biggest worry is how Bill might one day adhere to in his actions and become a fantastic like him.

Time journey is often par for the course in Arrowverse reveals like The Flash and Stars of The next day, but showrunner Michelle Schwartz has put a prospective roadblock on this concept by trying to explain to TVLine that Pointer will be "sticking to the based storytelling."

If that's real, then this concept might be way off focus on, but either way, it still seems likely that the display sends continues to have fun with styles of heritage regardless.
2. What became of Thea and Roy?

When Bill satisfies Roy on the area of Lian Yu, he refers to that he has not seen Oliver's former protege since he and Thea remaining Celebrity Town together returning in year six. Clearly, Roy is residing in exile for a purpose and it might have something to do with Thea, as he's rather sensitive when her name is described.

Although they're no more time together as a several, this does not imply that Thea is deceased. However, it does seem rather unusual that she has not frequented Bill once since she first remaining him behind in Celebrity Town as a youngster.
3. What became of Celebrity City?

All we know so far is that by 2038, Celebrity Town has been walled off directly from the actual and vigilantes are formally prohibited by the govt. Although these dystopian flash-forwards keep a stunning similarity to the Pointer 2046 schedule once glimpsed on Stars of The next day, showrunner Michelle Schwartz guarantees lovers that they're actually set in an entirely individual upcoming.

Despite this, Display Observation have recommended that the display sends could have something to do with the schedule that Zari Tomaz comes from instead. When her personality was first presented in Stars of The next day year three, it was exposed that the United states govt had not only prohibited vigilantes in the upcoming, but also meta-humans and even religious beliefs too.

While the group behind Pointer seem to eager to keep the display sends outside of any upcoming glimpsed before on the various Arrowverse reveals, it's difficult to refuse that Celebrity Town 2038 also stocks a lot in accordance with Zari's schedule too.
4. Has Dinah missing her canary cry?

When upcoming Dinah appeared in the display sends, her overall look brought up a variety of questions: Namely, how does she still are designed so in this dystopian future? Two decades have approved and yet Dinah's clearly discovered time still to feed on for locks items while on the run.

Saying that though, it's obvious that the all the surrounding decades have not been simple on her. Not once does she use her canary cry during her battle with the security officers and a scratch on Dinah's neck clues that she might have missing her abilities absolutely somehow, perhaps through damage or even surgery treatment. Maybe the govt of the upcoming purposely eliminated her abilities to create Dinah more certified.
5. Where's the most of Group Arrow?

Dinah might not be as powerful as she once was, but at least she's not the only Canary battling the excellent battle in Celebrity Town's upcoming. Rene Ramirez's little girl appears as another vigilante in the newest display sends, something which was probably kick-started when Dinah provided present-day Zoe a canary-themed part of jewelry.

What's still unclear though is the location of Rene himself, who obviously would not "be captured deceased in Celebrity City". Maybe the key purpose why that's maintaining him away is also what's maintaining David Diggle, Lyla Michaels, and Curtis Holt at a range too.
6. Who's directing Bill with the puzzles?

For most of that period period that Arrow's invested in the upcoming so far, Bill and viewers as well believed that his step-mother, Felicity Smoak, was the one directing his pursuit. After all, some of the concerns integrated individual information from their connection that only they could have known and besides, who are we to query a protagonist?

Well, at the end of 'Level Two', Dinah exposed that Felicity had in reality died, but factors finished on a cliffhanger, so no more information was forth-coming. Of course, this would not be the very new that Pointer has tried to persuade us that someone is 'dead', only for them to return again via a Lazarus Pit or various other indicates.

Saying that though, if Felicity really is deceased, then someone else must be directing Bill instead. Could it be one of Oliver's sworn opponents looking for vengeance on the archer's son. Maybe it's actually someone nearer to house...
7. Where is Oliver Queen?

Assuming that he's not still in jail or coaching on his fish steps in some unique cavern, the location of Oliver King are yet to be exposed in this upcoming schedule. No one's described that he's deceased yet, so if we're to believe that he's in existence, then perhaps the Natural Pointer is the one directing Bill.

While he's hardly a technical professional, who knows what techniques he might have grabbed previously many many who else but Oliver would be happy to the type of information distributed by Felicity and William?

Wherever Oliver is, we just wish that he's grabbed a new bow along the way because Bill is currently owning his old weaponry that were remaining hidden on Lian Yu.

Arrow year 7 airs on The CW in the US. The sequence airs on Sky One and NOW TV in the UK.